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Safe and sterile surgery for your beloved pets

It can be a stressful time when your pet requires surgery. Take some of the stress out of it by knowing your pet will be in the best hands in the sterile surgical suite of Linganore Veterinary Clinic, Inc.

As a full animal hospital, Linganore Veterinary Clinic offers complete surgical procedures, including but not limited to:

Before surgery becomes necessary, your pet can have all its diagnostic testing performed right here at our clinic, located at 11717 Old National Pike, Suite 12. And if they require a hospital stay before they return to your home, we provide the most loving care around!

  • Isofluorane inhalant anesthesia

  • Pulse oximetry monitoring

  • ECG monitoring

  • Apnea monitoring

  • Esophageal ECG monitoring

  • Water circulated thermal control device to maintain body temperature

Providing all surgical procedures for your pet

Using only the safest anesthesia on your pet

“He's the best around and he takes his job seriously!”

– Michelle L., from Facebook


  • Electrosurgery and cautery

  • Abdominal and thoracic soft tissue surgery

  • Orthopedic surgery

  • Spaying and neutering

  • C-sections

Puppy Dog Cat veterinarian during operation