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Dental work


Get your pets' diagnostics performed in the same location as their hospitalization!

Linganore Veterinary Clinic, Inc. is a full-service animal hospital, complete with in-house lab. This means we get you quicker results and can act fast when there is a serious medical issue. Call 301-865-0022 to schedule an appointment.

Have all of your pet's diagnostic work done in one place so you can get your results fast!

  • Digital Radiography  

  • Contrast media for upper and lower gastrointestinal studies

  • Cystograms

  • Excretory urograms

Linganore Veterinary Clinic offers hospitalization. With IV fluid maintenance, thermal control and state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, we will watch carefully over your pet as we proceed with any treatment.

Complete pet diagnostics and in-house lab!

Intensive care for your pet at Linganore Veterinary Clinic

Convenient, on-site radiology for your pet's x-rays

“Dr. Reid is a great vet and he and his staff take great care of our pets!”

– Michael F., from Google

  • Blood chemistry and cell analysis

  • Urinalysis and cytology

  • Parasite detection

  • Microbiology and ECG

  • Tonopen for accurate digital measuring of glaucoma

Cat Dog Kitten veterinarian on microscope

A 12 month long heartworm prevention injection. Also treats common hookworm infections present at the time of the injection. May be prescribed to any healthy dog older than 1 year.

We Offer PROHEART 12

  • State of the art dental radiography

  • High speed dental drill